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Jonathan Webb

Senior Consultant


Twenty-five years experience as a Collision Investigator means there isn't much that Jon hasn't dealt with.


Jonathan is a Senior Consultant at FCIR and has over 20 years’ experience in the field of Collision Investigation.

Jonathan is full Member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, (MITAI) and served as a Traffic Officer within the Metropolitan Police, first becoming a Collision Investigator in 1994 and later a Senior Collision Investigator.

Jonathan is experienced in all areas of Collision Investigation and has been involved in the investigation of hundreds of collisions. Jonathan has been at the front of technological developments throughout the years and is considered one of the country’s leading experts in vehicle Incident Data Recorders (IDR) – ‘black boxes’.

Since leaving the Metropolitan Police he has been engaged and consulted, as an expert, for the defence and prosecution in criminal cases and for each side in civil litigation cases as well as those representing individuals in internal discipline matters.

Jonathan is a perfectionist with an eye for detail. His methodology is meticulous and his analysis of the facts is always of the highest quality.


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