3D Locus Scanning & Modelling

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3D Locus Scanning & Modelling

FCIR are one of the few Collision Investigation companies that offer state of the art 3D Locus Scanning.

What is a 3D Laser Scanner?

A 3D laser scanner is a device that takes several million measurements at a location from which a 3D environment is generated that can be navigated as if you were standing there yourself.

Why do I need a 3D Locus Scan?

Conventional locus surveying techniques rely upon a user taking ‘manual’ measurements with a tape measure, measuring wheel or surveyors total station. This can be hugely restrictive, because it relies on the user physically taking every measurement they need. Should information come to light later on and an additional measurement needed, it may require an additional visit to the scene which may well be billed back to you.

In the case of CCTV Analysis, a 3D laser scan allows for dramatically reduced tolerances in any subsequent analysis. The 3D laser scans are to millimetre accuracy, far greater accuracy than conventional techniques.

Is a 3D locus scan only useful for measurements?

No, scan data is incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of circumstances.  Two regular uses are for witness views and for mirror sightlines from large goods vehicles.

It is often great assistance to a court to understand what a witness could see from their position. A 3D scan allows a user to stand in the exact position of a witness, and view the area from that position – even if it is from a window on the top floor of a block of flats!

In the case of incidents involving large goods vehicles, a view that a driver had through the mirrors is often critical. Having a 3D laser scanner allows for the view from mirrors be established, not only at ground level but also at varying heights to accurately model the circumstances.

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