Reconstruction Reports

Reconstruction Report 2

Reconstruction Reports

A full analysis of all evidence surrounding a collision.

This is a detailed study of all elements surrounding a collision, from the physical scene evidence to the accounts of witnesses. Each report can be tailored to answer specific questions you may need answered, such as the speed of a vehicle or which side of the road a vehicle was on at the time of the collision.

All reports are produced in a Court-Ready format, often produced alongside a series of graphical exhibits to convey the detailed analysis in a clear and concise way.  A full Reconstruction is likely to include photograph albums, videos of a collision locus and plan drawings.  There are often occasions where a 3D model and simulation are helpful.  All of these will be discussed with any instructing party from the outset as a tailored approach is what we offer.  If you would like to discuss a current case, please contact us.

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