Lorry Driver's Sight Line Accident Analysis

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Analysis of a Lorry Driver's Sight Lines

R v SP

SP was the driver of an articulated lorry who was manoeuvring within a haulage yard when he collided with a pedestrian and fellow employee of the company concerned, (CB), causing him serious leg injuries.

FCIR visited the yard and observed the company's working practices along with their published Health and Safety Guidance. Whilst errors on SP’s part were identified, FCIR identified habitual breaches of their Health and Safety Guidance by employees, and breaches committed by CB at the time of the collision that were a significant contribution to the collision.


Sight Line Analysis

By studying in detail CCTV and Dash Cam video of the accident, and by considering the drivers view, FCIR were able to model the movements of both the pedestrian and lorry and demonstrate what SP could and couldn't have seen in the moments leading to the collision.

Upon receipt of FCIR’s report and two days before trial the Crown decided to take no further action against SP.


“I instructed FCIR to deal with a matter involving the movements of a large goods vehicle and a pedestrian.  Matters of this type critically centre around the view afforded to drivers in their mirrors and when and where they should be looking at any given time.  FCIR were able to analyse this information, produce detailed yet easy to understand plans that demonstrated with no doubt that my client drove in a manner that was safe, considerate and professional.  FCIR are highly skilled, clinical in their approach and are Experts in their field without any doubt whatsoever”. 


Ron Ruston, Partner, Kennedys

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