CCTV Analysis

CCTV Analysis

CCTV Analysis

CCTV is becoming routinely available, be that static cameras from a council, shop or premises, or vehicle mounted cameras ('dash cams').

CCTV footage is an essential piece of evidence to obtain and can be scientifically analysed far beyond simply ‘seeing what happened on camera’.  This involves meticulous attention to detail and accurate utilisation of specialist skills.

FCIR are routinely called upon to calculate a vehicle's speed or to position a large goods vehicle and a pedal cycle to establish what could be seen in the mirrors.  Time and time again, FCIR have reached a conclusion that has greatly assisted the Courts, and routinely receive exceptional feedback on their ability to achieve scientific conclusions not seen before.

FCIR are pioneers of CCTV analysis and have published the book “CCTV Analysis in Collision Reconstruction”. This allows FCIR to obtain vehicle speeds and orientations when many others are unable to reach conclusions, or worse still take the footage at face value.

It is research such as this that means that our Consultants were called upon, and were instrumental in the design and development of the Frame Interval Timer constructed by the Home Office, a piece of equipment colloquially known as a 'Lightboard' and routinely used by the Police to precisely establish CCTV timing.  FCIR have also played a key role in the design and implementation of software designed to automatically 'read' this device to a high degree of accuracy.

If you have a matter involving CCTV, we would be more than happy to give you our opinion of what an analysis is likely to reveal.  Please contact us.

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