Expert Witness

Royal Courts of Justice

FCIR Expert Witness

Experienced in the provision of Expert reports and giving live evidence

All experts for FCIR are experienced in writing expert reports and producing exhibits for all Courts. We are conversant with Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules and routinely provide live evidence in Court.

FCIR are often instructed in cases of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving, Murders, Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous driving and the Careless Driving counterparts. We are also regularly instructed in multi-million-pound litigations and are routinely praised for the level of detail included in our analyses.

There is little point in instructing an expert who cannot convey their message clearly in a live environment, as all efforts up to that point could be destroyed by an expert who confuses. This is why most of the experts at FCIR also deliver training in their field – another way in which FCIR excel at clearly conveying technical matters in simple and straightforward ways.

FCIR are confident in completing Joint Expert Reports and we are comfortable in taking the lead in constructing such documents. Attendance at case conferences are part of the service that we provide, be that in person or via video/telephone conferencing.

FCIR endeavour to provide updates to clients as an investigation progresses, allowing  our customers to further progress on the case whilst we are working on their analysis.  This means that our clients can efficiently use their time and aren't simply waiting for our report to arrive.

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