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Detailed CCTV Analysis obtaining a vehicle speed


FCIR were instructed in a civil matter, representing a pedestrian and her children who were seriously injured as a result of being struck by a car.  As part of the criminal proceedings the Police had calculated the approach speed of the car as being in the region of 50mph within a 30mph limit, a speed which was claimed as being unachievable by the Defendant’s expert.  Not only did FCIR disprove the Defence case, they were able to calculate the true speed of the vehicle as being in excess of 70mph.


FCIR were called upon for their expertise within the field of CCTV analysis.  It was apparent that the vehicle was braking heavily prior to impact as evidenced by the relatively small amount of damage on the vehicle.  For that reason, obtaining the speed as early as possible within the field of view of the camera was essential.  Whilst the Police and other forensic providers had only been able to use their techniques half way through the footage, obtaining a speed of 50mph FCIR were able to use their techniques to obtain a speed in excess of 70mph at the extreme limits of the CCTV camera’s field of view.

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Jill Greenfield, Partner – Head of Serious Injury Sector – Field Fisher

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