Assisting Police

Assisting Police

Assisting Police with a Crash Investigation

R v BB

BB was the driver of a car who lost control on the approach to a roundabout junction and consequently collided with roadside furniture thereon killing his passenger. Whilst collision scene evidence overwhelmingly indicated that BB was travelling in excess of the speed limit the Police Forensic Collision Investigator was unable to quantify BB’s approach speed due to the complexity of the tyre marks left by the car on the approach.

FCIR provided forensic support to the investigation team and was able to calculate the approach speed of the car to be 30mph in excess of the speed limit. Consequently, BB pleaded guilty to Causing Death by Dangerous Driving.

Yaw Mark Analysis

FCIR provided forensic support specifically relating to vehicle yaw calculations.  Using a mathematical derivation developed by FCIR's consultants the speed of the vehicle was precisely obtained at the onset of vehicle yaw and at impact adding a significant element to the Crown's case which ultimately led to a Guilty Plea being entered.

Rollover Measurements

“A prompt, efficient and personal service which provided us with a useful, tight range of vehicle speeds, despite complicating factors.  All evidence was provided in a thorough, professional and well-presented pack.”


Jason Howard, Forensic Collision Investigator, Essex Police

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