Historic Civil Collision Investigation

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Investigating an historical case for Civil Proceedings 

The Dependants of AB v GC:

Motorcyclist AB was killed in a collision whereby an oncoming car driven by GC turned right across their path. The Police investigation at the collision scene identified a complex series of tyre marks caused by the motorcycle as AB tried to avoid the car. The Police Forensic Collision Investigator who assessed the marks concluded that AB had commenced braking from a speed in excess of the 30mph speed limit. Consequently, no further action was taken against GC.  After FCIR's analysis in the Civll forum, it was clear that the original analysis was flawed and FCIR were able to revisit all of the evidence. 


FCIR's investigative skills

FCIR reviewed this evidence and, 18 months after the collision, traced the motorcycle to a salvage yard where evidence was found thereon that had been missed in the Police examination. This evidence was crucial in proving that AB had indeed been approaching the junction at the speed limit, and it was in fact GC that had caused the collision by failing to correctly assess AB’s approach speed.




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