Pedal Cycle Accident

Pedal Cycle and Car

Pedal cycle and car collision

R v SD

SD was facing a custodial sentence for Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving, whereby the Crown had identified a pattern of mobile phone usage by SD during the journey in which the collision occurred. A plea to Careless Driving had been rejected by the Crown. However, following the thorough analysis of the mobile phone data FCIR were able to provide compelling evidence that supported SD’s account that had remained consistent from their initial account at the collision scene, which then ultimately lead to their acquittal at Crown Court.

FCIR's attention to detail

By studying the damage profiles to both of the vehicles in great detail FCIR established that the rider of the pedal cycle was a significant distance into the carriageway when they were struck by the defendant. Furthermore, FCIR were able to demonstrate that the high visibility garments found at the collision scene were not being worn by the victim at the time of the collision.  In addition, painstaking comparison of the telephone records to the physical movements of the vehicle further highlighted the fallibility of the Crown's evidence.

Pedal cycle damage



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