Traffic Light Collision

Traffic Light Case Lead

A crash at a traffic light controlled junction

R v ED

FCIR were instructed to assist in a fatal collision where a motorcycle had collided with a car at a traffic light controlled junction.  One of the parties involved in the collision passed through a red light, but it was essential to work out who.  FCIR stitched together traffic light timings, GPS data and witness accounts and were able to provide compelling evidence that resulted in the Defendant being acquitted at trial.

In depth analysis of traffic light timings

This collision occurred at a staggered cross road junction that was traffic light controlled.  The traffic light phasing at the junction was complex and for many parts demand driven.  GPS data was also presented by the Crown which required careful consideration with the witness statements to understand where in the phase cycle the collision occurred.   FCIR were able to produce a series of plans and technical drawing that clearly communicated the phasing of the lights and the how that related to both the witness and the GPS evidence.

After a trial that lasted a little over a week, ED was acquitted.

Traffic Light Side

"In this particularly sad case, we needed an Expert who would be able to pull together the complicated traffic light timings, physical evidence, GPS data and witness accounts.  FCIR were more than up to the task.  They produced a thorough report breaking down the complex components into a clear, methodical analysis accompanied by diagrams that clearly conveyed the findings in this case.  The Trial resulted in the Jury acquitting my client.  I would have no hesitation in recommending FCIR." 


Chris Knight, Quality Solicitors

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