Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences Award

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The Award

Forensic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction Ltd. are proud to announce a new Annual Award for Excellence in Collision Investigation.

It is aimed at those working within the field of Collision Investigation and is designed to recognise an outstanding contribution to the discipline.

The winning candidate will receive a trophy, certificate and £500!

What is the submission?

The submission is a notable piece of work conducted within the Collision Investigation sphere. It can be, but not limited to, an outstanding investigation, or an impactive piece of research.

The submission should demonstrate a significant development, or a challenge overcome, leading to a raising of the standard of professionalism within the field.

It is recommended that a supporting statement by a peer is submitted along with the work, although this is not essential.

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Who Assesses it?

A panel of 3 assessors will examine the entries and shortlist the finalists to an interview panel from which the winner will be announced.

Who can submit?

Candidates can self-nominate, be nominated by a peer or key stakeholder.


Submissions will need to be received no later than 5pm on the 1st July. Shortlisted finalists will be interviewed by the panel in September, with the Winner announced in the last week of September.

The award will be presented by an FCIR Representative.

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How to submit?

Submissions are accepted, via email, between the 1st May to 1st July. Please initially send nominations to [email protected].

Please note, those submitting case work/investigations, the case must be complete and therefore no longer in the judicial process.

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